I just have a quick iTunes question I was hoping someone could answer for me:

In my iTunes library, when I double click on a song to play it, it shuffles the song's album. For no reason. Shuffle is turned off, but whenever I play a song, it takes the song and puts it at the end of the album. It's all sorted by artist, so it's not like anything's changing. Any ideas? It's really annoying when I want to listen to a full album, but when I click on the first song to play it, it puts it at the end of the album...
By the way, I'm using windows XP, the newest version of itunes, and the list view.
you could try clicking sort by artist or album
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yeah, it's all sorted by artist. I even sorted it by track #, then back to artist, and it still mixes the album around once I double click a song in the album.
make sure the shuffle button in the bottom left isn't on (lit up blue)