i borrowed my bros maxon 808 and ran it as a gain boost in front of my B-52 at100
and made a big difference in my tone. but money is tight these days , so anyone know of a cheaper od that sounds really similar to the 808?
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what... can't get a ts-9?
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green screamer or bad monkey, try those 2 and see which you like best. Screamer should be around $50, Bad Monkey around $40.
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A used maxon 808?

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$40 new, same circuitry as ts-9, and in a metal housing.
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$40 new, same circuitry as ts-9, and in a metal housing.

the tonelok series? no. It's got vaguely similar circuitry and plastic housing. Doesn't sound nearly as good.

The BBE Green Screamer is my suggestion, it's actually got true bypass, which I like. The Boss OD-1 and Digitech Bad Monkey would be two other suggestions. They're all similar to tubescreamers, though not exactly on the money for an 808. I actually prefer the Green Screamer, it's very dynamic and sounds better imo.
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im gonna see if i can head up to guitar center and check out a bad monkey and a green screamer.
thanks for the suggestions
The Green Screamer is actually on sale this weekend for only $30 at guitar center. I heard it on the radio.
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i just picked up the green screamer today for 30$ at guitar center, i belive it was the best 30$ i have ever spent. great pedal. sounds great.
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TS9; Mine gives a remarkably similar tone to my Blues Junior driven, especially for a 9V solid-state overdrive pedal.

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