Hey guys, I recorded a quick version of Blowin' in the Wind (tell me if you want me to record all of it). Recorded in one take.

It's on my profile, C4C

I like it a lot. The harmonica sounded absolutely perfect. The only thing I noticed was it seems like a few times during the verse the vocals were a bit off key. This doesn't really matter because Bob Dylan did the same thing when he performed it.
Yeah, I'm a pretty lousy singer lol. I practiced never really tried singing it until about a day before I recorded it. I only had a hamonica in the key of C so I had to change the key. Thanks for the crit, though
This is a pretty decent cover. The harmonica is great, the guitar is spot on as well. The levels on the entire track aren't perfect though, the harmonica is a little too loud. You might do well to composite this out of a couple takes instead, it works as a one take, its just a little too loose maybe. Maybe not though, it does work. A little tip on the singing - try to project your voice a little more, it isn't as strong as it should be. Sure its a little off key, but that's not a huge problem, what doesn't work is that you don't have enough power behind the voice so it can't carry the song as far as it should.

I was hoping for something a little different than a straight copy but you did it well enough to get past that.

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