new krew thats gonna be hittin the streets of bridge city real soon. Watch out we're coming for you!
No Way! Holy Smokers! You're Nuts!
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ExiledSoul, you have just won the Best UG Liar award. Thanks for participating with your incredible dumbassery and lies.

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I have a turd with a carrot stuck in it. Its the GREATEST pet ever, makes quite the mess though.
Robin: Jumping Jupiters batman, the D.d.k. are here

Batman: That's okay Robin, they only harm you if they smell man meat. Just keep yours tucked away and you wil be fine.
So cool you spelled crew with a k, I see. Bad ass, my friend.

For a wounded man shall say to his assailant, "if I live I will kill you."
"If I die, you are forgiven."
Such is the rule of honour.
Don't report this, they are giving us a warning. Everyone must be warned that the D.d.k. are on the loose in Bridge City.

(This post is filled with unwarranted sarcasm)