i have a epi goth les paul with 81/85 emgs sometimes the neck p/u will have a pretty noticable volume drop off. so i changed the battery and now the bridge p/u has the problem and the neck one is fine. what shood i do now?
yeah man check the wiring on it. I have the same guitar with the same exact pickups. It sounds like a soldering on a wire just came undone. Did you buy the epi with the emg 81 and 85?
where is the battery for your pickups? is there a seperate battery compartment?
yeah that is the same as I had on my guitar. The battery isn't really supposed to be in there so when you go to go to put the battery in, or take another one out, it sometimes messes with the soldering of the wires. I had that problem a couple of times. Just take the guitar to a guitar shop and if it is just soldering a wire it should be a quick fix.
maybe you have a problem with the quick connect things? You may accidently knock them when you change the battery
i figured it out the toggle switch has a solder that looks pretty pathetic to me. at least thats the only conclusion i can come up with