title explains it quiete well, after coming home from 8 hour work I run in trouble getting something done on guitar. I´m an advanced player and struggle with this since years. After sitting with the guitar for 2 hours or so it gets better but all my mini movements are simply not that fast and precise.
How have people in a similar situation overcome this??
Have you ever tried running a hot 'hand bath' in the sink? After getting it quite hot just submerge your hands and massage the muscles. It really does help with relaxing your hand and aiding your warm up
Yeh i was gonna say this ^^^. dry them heaps though because i find that when they are damp the callouses rip pretty easily.
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I usually have a hot shower after coming home, what is quiete similar and does help a little I will definitly try this massage thing thx anyone else?
Make sure you start off with some sort of warm up too. If you've been playing awhile I doubt you sit down and just try and shred, but a lot of players neglect doing warm ups for some reason.
thx guys, i for the first time warmed my hands up pre touching my guitar worked wonders
see ya