Who is this guy?
He's always two steps ahead of me
I wonder why
He speaks to you so casually

How does he do it?
It's just a matter of time
Till I can't call you mine

Cause you know he's perfect
He's better than whatever a can be
So now you'll leave me
Go to him and then you'll finally see

The way he walks, he rocks,
he dances, he skates!
He's a jock, he's fit,
and he watches his weight
What more can you ask?
I'll just become part of the past.

When will you come back?
I hope you realize one day
Your mind will freeze and your heart will break
And we'll finally know
What your guy really has to show

I hate hard-headed people
it's just hopeless to get through
You've tried so hard to get it done
but now it's over due

I still need one more verse i think.
yeah one more verse about killing them both in a jelous rage then it might not sound quite so depressed and cliched

also songs tend to have more feeling when they're written about real life events. you know what you have to do Mr Rain83, they must pay for what they've done to you
Yeah, it does sound cliche. I'll try to add more emotion in this.
Its just hard to relate it to real life if I've never felt this intense.
I didn't want to insert any complicated words because most people
tend to not understand them. I find simple yet crafty lyrics
better than emotional and uberly serious lyrics.

I'm just trying to look for a way to make this a bit
more emotional and be clich yet not cliche at the same time.