Hi guys,
I'm gonna buy my second electric guitar and was wondering what would be the best choice for me.
I want a guitar that deliver the best clean sounds and to be good for playing rock and blues and why not can go further to some "clean" metal (not trash or death metal, i don't like).
My budget is 600$( 400 euros) for the guitar, i play using VOX DA5 amp.
Hope you guys can help me, Thanks.
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A copy of fender that i used to learn electric guitar. But now i can go with something far better (i hope).
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A copy of fender that i used to learn electric guitar. But now i can go with something far better (i hope).

Hmm, Epiphone Les Paul could be a good choice, PRS, Jackson, you could get a Gibson Faded Flying V for around $700, and they're pretty nice, especially if you do a pickup swap. Try out a couple different guitars if possible, so you know what YOU like best!
OK thanks, PRS are pricy, Jackson most of them are for metal and i don't like the look of Flying V or vintage look. I really like a guitar with modern look and (see my first post).
schecter guitars are good for your price range, especially for your style. they are also very versatile, but if your interested in more versatility, i would go ibanez RG...they are good bare, and u can spec them up nicely.
Plz read my posts before replying.
About schecter guitars, they are far from my budget from what i see.
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Get an Amp! No point getting a good guitar and a **** amp, just gonna sound the same.
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Mim hss strat perhaps?
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My main guitar is a jackson soloist. I'm also shopping for a backup guitar for the same reasons you are - blues, cleans, etc.... And I'm leaning towards an epi les paul also. However, as some are saying, Schecter and PRS are good options too.

As always, go try them out for a long time. Put a strap on it and stand in front of a mirror too if looks are important to you.
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Which Epiphone Les Paul model is the best for progressive rock for my budget of 750$??
If you know any best guitar for progressive rock for less than 750$ just tell me.
Epiphone Les Paul Standard should cover it. If you want something wild, as in looks, get something like the Epi Zakk Wylde LP or Standard Plus models but they're pretty much looks. Ultra and Ultra II differ a little bit and the Ultra II has the nano pick up for acoustic-like sounds but research a bit into those, I don't know know much about them.
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look into the PRS tremonti SE as well. I have an epiphone les paul custom and I've played on my mate's tremonti quite a lot, as well as having the singlecut 245 myself and I think it's a much better guitar.
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