hey guys...so ok some of you know i have a jcm900 combo for at home (in NL) and i m very happy with my amp for the tones i need.

BUT i ll be going to greece alot (where i m originally from) and i m gonna need something portable but with a massive sound for when i m there cause i m going to be doing a couple summer gigs there.

So i was looking at some preamps that i can just hook up to a mixing table or PA at the gigs and have my massive awesome preset sound

been looking mostly at the marshall jmp-1 (used), the engl e530 preamp (new or used) OR the mesa studio preamp(abit more expensive and unavailable than the other 2).

would the jmp-1 have a similar sound to my jcm900? i want a nice tight focused high gain sound but i still want it to be organic and juicy like my 900.

i ve been watching vids lately and the jmp and the engl both sound very similar (the mesa studio sound more like a mark IIc+ they say) so its pretty hard. also its almost impossible for me to try any of them out since i m looking to buy them used. the engl sounds A BIT tighter...yet its their lowest priced preamp. jmp-1 has been used by mustaine in the good ol days of megadeth, so thats definetly a plus. and the mesa studio will be master of puppets allover, as long as it sounds like a mark IIc+ like people say.

i currently have a very good offer for a jmp-1 used, for 250 EUR.

If you want to stay true to your marshall, the jmp-1 would probably be good. The ENGL is a bit tighter and gainier I find.
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jmp-1 can nail any marshall tone basically. They sound really good too. I'd eventually love to get one since it's been used for a lot of records/live rigs thath sound great. Also check out the Rocktron Chameleon or the ADA MP-1 preamp.
jmp1 is solid state technology. just get a zoom g9 its a digital multi fx but its got 2 tubes in it i use it live a lot.
JPM-1 is tube it just happens to use diode clipping for gain just like a lot of the JCM-900s.
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Something like a JMP1 isn't "portable" , they weigh a ton, and they're not reallt designed for plugging into a desk.

If you want a rugged, portable piece of kit that will sound good DI'd then get a Tech 21 SansAmp GT.

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it's got a few preamp tubes, but uses diode clipping for gain, like the JCM 900s and the JCM 800 2205/2210 heads if i'm not mistaken. They've got a wide range of gain on tap: Billy Gibbons, Iron Maiden, Deftones and Smashing Pumpkins use them both live and in studio.