Please give me some advice about the performance on stage, i will have my first show with my fellows playing guitar on Dec.10th,2008. But sometimes i am so excited and even nervous that i forget the lyric. Although practising many times and singing freely, it is still hard to get rid of the odd feeling. what should i do?
Play the song so many damn times that you can literally do everything totally with your eyes closed, without concentrating hugely on anything. That's bad if you forget your own lyrics. Simple solution: Practice a million times over. This makes your band tighten up as a whole, you'll memorize lyrics, and become more and more comfortable. Go out an dhave fun, don't let anything worry you! Wish i could be gigging, ha.
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if its the excitement and the nerves, try just practicing in the next couple of weeks infront of your family or whoever, and maybe more people if possible, along with practicing as the young fellow mentioned about 1 zillion times, but hes right.

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Right the first thing you need to do, is not embolden your text, and reduce it to regular size. What you did there is the equivalent of going into a library with a magaphone, and expecting people to help you.

Also, there is no 'cure' for on stage nerves. It happens to all of us, and will you should ALWAYS have some sort of nervous twang before you go on stage, its just the way things go, no matter how experienced with gigging you are.

The only thing you can do other than pactice is have the lyrics out in front of you while singing, but this looks extremely unprofessional. At the end of the day it would look better to sing with no sheet and make a mistake, than to usea sheet and get it right.

Also, this the new members Q&A forum, where members can inrtroduce themselves and ask about the running of the site. You would get a better response if you post your question here

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Practice in front of all the family and friends you can get to sit still long enough, so you get used to playing/singing in front of people, and don't be afraid to take the lyrics with you on a sheet - it'll give you more confidence knowing they are there if you need them. Plenty of people do it, and provided you don't spend the whole gig staring at the lyrics instead of the audience nobody will care