Is there anything I should do for when I want to change tunings often? I try to play a lot of Nick Drake tunes, and his tunings are all over the place (BEBEBE, CGCFGE, etc.) Everytime I switch to these tunings, I can hear my strings creak a bit, and I start to wonder if I should stop tuning or not. Is there anything I can do to have a guitar suitable to play any (reasonable) tuning I want without the strings getting too loose/tight, and risk snapping them?
If your strings get older they're bound to fail on you some day...
You CAN try to take multiple guitars and tune them differently but..
In the end, strings break.
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Oh you're good.
It's not very good for your neck it it's bound to age (and stretch out) your strings faster. If you have a cheaper guitar then it will almost definitely make your neck go crooked (which can usually be fixed with truss rod adjustments and the like).
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