List your amp, you low, mid, high, and any other settings on your amp.

Amp : Blackheart BH-15H
Presence : 3ish
Low : 7
Mid : 7
High : 5
Drive : 10
Volume : 11.5
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Depends on what I'm playing, but usually something like this:

Peavey Classic 30
(settings are out of twelve)

Gain: 5-9
Treble: 9
Middle: 10
Bass: 7
Reverb: 3
Blues Jr. (Out of 12)

Master: 12
Volume: 2
Bass: 12
Mids: 5
Treble: 7.5
Reverb: 3.5 -4
Fat Switch On
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Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (Out of 12)

Clean Channel:
Treble: 7
Bass: 11/12
Mid: 5
Reverb: 4
Presence: 10
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