i wanna buy Epiphone SG, but i saw there were 2 models the SG special and the SG junior.
i wanna know wich one is better?

go for the G-400 or the white custom one

the rest are garbage IMO
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Junior, but
a) That's still not great, try a standard and
b) I know next to nothing about this except that the Special is terrible, terrible.
Get a standard, love mine and if not that get the G-400 with EMG's
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go, now!
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Get the G-400 (the 'Standard' Epi SG). All the others below it are simply trash.

Or look into Vintage or ESP SG copies. You can get a G-400 quality Vintage SG copy for the same price as the Epi G-310 (which is much worse).
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G-400. Preferably custom. They're great. Everything else is trash.
And stay the **** away from EMGs. The strat ones perhaps not so much, but I really think the humbucker ones are one trick ponies.