HBE Big D Distortion with Burr Brown Chip upgrade - $140

Electro Harmonix Dr. Q Envelope Follower (old style) - a few nicks in paint and missing small screw that holds on battery compartment, but works perfectly - $45

Keeley modded Boss Ds-1 - $100

4 channel Pedalsnake - 20' long. 1 guitar line, 1 power line, 1 effects loop line, 1 stereo guitar line a few scuffs, but perfect working condition - $110

Ibanez DE-7 - works well, but only with an external power supply, for some reason won't work with a battery. - $45

message me if interested and we'll talk.
Are these prices with or without shipping?

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Is the DE-7 $45 shipped? And does it have the external power supply?

If so I'll take it. If no power supply, how about $40 shipped?
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These prices are without shipping. I want to be able to give a tailored shipping price to where a buyer would live.