Ladies and gentleman, i am honored to present my latest creation, named 'By your side' . Its inspired by my girlfriend.. musical inspiration has not been present. I will do crit for crit of course, just give me a link. The whole song is in Drop D- like all of my songs. This time I focused more on flawless transitions and nice piano - play. I am curious about your opininons.

By your side - for Bogi (L)
by your side.zip
Heres my thought as I'm hearing through it.

Nice piano, but make one of them one octave lower, they kinda mix into each other.
Good transition, solo and all pretty good.
Small piano break, not that smooth but ok.
Verse: Good mellow rythm and transition.
Not that much to say about the chorus and bridge/interludes, seems a bit standard, but that may be me =\
Solo, Really good, just long enough.
The rest is great.

Verdict: Nothing stands out for me (except for the solo) so I couldn't connect to it, but overall a very solid and good song
i love it altho i think there should be a fade out at the end of the solo repeting bars 42-45 and hit the second to last note at the end again for a perfect ending