Hey guys.

Just wondered if anyone knew the best way to go about this...

Me and my friend have a gig, I've recorded the drums, bass and 1st guitar onto a backing track and then i plan on playing the second guitar and he sings! It's works spot on... In my house! lol

so my question is, What's the best way to get these backing tracks through the P.A at the gig? Will it have a Cd slot? (we're hiring the P.A so we havn't seen it yet) or is there a cable convertor or something that would enable us to play tracks directly off a laptop? (i've seen many Dj's do this in pubs and clubs...

Any advice would be awesome ,

depends on the PA. some have CD slots, but otherwise there should be a way to connect a CD player or laptop to it. The trick will be finding a cable that fits both ends. You can get them, but a lot of places don't sell them.
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So it should be easy enough depending on me getting the right cables.

Thanks for your help dude!