In alot of metal songs today, there are some parts where there are fast palm muted tremolo picking on the low E string. And i cant seem to get that right, is there any specific technique or just to practice? My pick seems to "stuck" on the string when i try
Should i hold the pick so a small part sticks out, or maybe hold it the opposite?
Should i be rough on the strings? or be relaxed in my arm?

Please come with some advice.
Hit the string only with the very tip of the pick, moving only your wrist to pick. Also minimizing the amount of distance you move away from the string each time you hit it helps.

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Remove the tension from the motion. dont point your pick directly towards your body; very slightly angle the pick towards the neck of the guitar. Start painfully slow. Chug-chug-ring, Chug-chug-ring.

Make sure your getting a clean mute and crisp ring out on the un-muted strums.

Most of all DO NOT ANCHOR YOUR HAND. It will form a bad habit that will be a bitch to try and shake later.

I remember this like yesterday... you just have to repeat till you get it right. Pay close attention to your hands too, don't mindlessly practice, you'll get it soon.
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