Ok, I've been messing around on my piano for a bit and I want to compose a piece with all different kinds of instruments, so I got Guitar Pro. Right now, I'm in the process of figuring out where everything is supposed to go and what all to do and this, but mostly just working on the piano part. The only problem is, i can't seem to be able to use the bottom keys of the piano on GuitarPro. The lowest note I can get is the E 12notes down from Middle C, and I need that F# before it. Is there no piano tuning on GuitarPro? Also, I'd like to have the left and right hands of the piano score together, like most piano music is laid out, but I can't seem to find the button for this.
It's GUITAR pro...so it is made for guitar not for piano...I guess you can't solve this problem..I may be wrong though...
Whether or not it's MADE for guitar or not should make no difference considering it has the option of a piano playing. If the piano is playing, I should be able to use the full extent of the piano's sound.
Change the tuning of the "track", you do this by double clicking on the track name.
You can't put both the left and right hand tracks together though, unless you'd like them clustered and left hand 8va.