Sounds more old school death metal orientated than anything else.

The intro riff was good.
However, the verse/main riff is kinda cheesy, especially in the last bar. The C#-D# power chords just sound really trivial and almost unnecessary. (Take a look at bar 12).
The rest of it is fine, and I like how this riff leads into the black metal riff.
Bar 18-25 is excellent. It's grim and sinister.
Real kvlt. ahhaha

Not liking that verse riff.

Measure 38 is where it really picks up again. The noodly lick right before the church organ takes main stage is pretty cool. And the organ itself is a good addition. I didn't even notice it until this part though.

The breakdown is great. Reminds me of the new Faceless album.

But that verse riff!

The solo is badass. The licks are simple, yet powerful. Good job.
This part really reminds of Agalloch.

It's actually quite catchy, but it just throws me for a loop.

The organ at the end really helps close the song.



You should check my Lycotrope song for some bombast melo-death.
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