It's listed as a VOX (which makes it a rarity on it's own), there's two things it's listed as

and 7087A

According to the internet, this god damned thing doesn't exist. I'm contemplating buying it, especially if it's a VOX.

The label almost looks like a G&L which would also make it worth while.

This is from a guy I know, looking to find out what this is. He's considering buying it, but none of the specifics are clear. Anyone know what it is?

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pretty cool, love the triple humbuckers.
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from what i can tell, they were only made in 1976 and were not available in that silvery finish. that might have been repainted... and it probably only cost about $100 brand new. univox weas not at all expensive.

that said, i like my univox hi-flier alot... but in only paid $60 for it and it has a very unique look.