so the problem is that me and my two freinds started a band we have then added two more members, but one of the original members the lead guitarist, does not budge when it comes to what type of metal he wants to play. me and the lead singer want to write music that sounds good but unique at the same time while requiring a certain skill level, the problem is our lead guitarist wants to just play some recycled metal riffs that have been used a thousand times over and when it comes time for him to solo its just a bunch of scales played up and down at high speeds. me and the singer are inspired by bands like opeth and between the buried and me along with a few other unique and original bands. yet our lead guitarist denies the greatness of either of those great progressive bands, in summary how can we get our lead guitarist to change his mind or open up his mind to the sound that me and the singer are going for?
Paragraphs...they help everyone.

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make him listen to opeth for a few days.
if he still thinks their **** fire him and get someone with an open mind.
get another on lead?

I know it sounds harsh but if nothing else will work...
You like it
Quote by Chrisiphone
Paragraphs...they help everyone.

You know how to use paragraphs, then? Last I checked, everything he wrote fits fine into a single paragraph.

Anyway. Sit him down with some Dream Theater and Opeth, say, look man, this is just as "hard" as Metallica or whatever, but it's made by clever people. If that doesn't work, try the opposite argument - find some crap unsigned metal bands and point out that they all sound the same, probably much like him.
Metal doesn't sell when it sounds like other metal. If it did we'd be in the 80s.
Fire him if he refuses. Guitarists aren't exactly hard to come by, and talent is in musical taste and creativity as much as technique, and with that in mind, there must be more talented guitarists willing to play with you.
ive had a that same kind of problem with one of my friends who i tried to start a band with and he wanted to be lead. he's a huge fan of dime bag and pantera and **** like that, which isnt bad really but he got it in his head that a persons playing ability is defined by how fast they can play. i listen to alot of music but what i love most about metal is the epic feeling i get when i listen to it and when u just play the scales really fast it just sounds like noise theres no emotion, and im sure if he came up with somethin cool and u said play it again he wouldnt be able too. so what i did was i tried to get him to listen to more bands that werent pantera or mettalica or slayer (all good bands in theyre own right) but i had him listen to bands that still gave that epic feel but were exactly metal, like zeppelin and Tool, APC. and that deff helped alot. i think ppls playing style is mainly influenced by their influences (big surprise there) so maybe do ing the same type of thing i did would help.