hey there, i did a quick search and nothing came up for my question so here i go...

i am finally putting together my pedal board using the 9 or so pedals i have; i have found that when i plug in all of my pedals into a wall jack adapter i get a hiss from my amp. i was told that i can use a compressor to limit this.

my question is, does a compressor have a built in noise gate?-essentially i'm wondering if it will eliminate the hiss from my amp. or will i still have to purchase a noise gate for this use?

thanks for your time.
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i've tried it from different jacks in different houses and i always get the hiss when i use my adapter.

i will try a noise suppressor next. thanks.
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fwiw - i recently purchased a Compressor and a Noise Gate. I can assure you they work seperately. With 9 pedals, I would def get a noise gate and keep your pedals on a seperate outlet whenever possible.

i have a clip with all of my pedals on and off at different times