I have played guitar the last three years holding my pick with 3 fingers.

if you can imagine pinching something between your thumb and both fore finger and middle finger, thats how i held my pick. now this didnt really limit me cause its how i started and only realised it was wrong late in the game (like a year and a half ago) so i continued as normal, teacher said he couldnt teach me anything else and so i just began brushing everything up and writing stuff.

however my sweeping never improved. everything got faster and more accurate but my sweep technique just wasnt good enough and i started wondering if it was the ol' screwed up picking.

lo and behold it was! forced myself to play with 2 fingers (felt really wrong at first) and since this allowed me to angle my pick waaaay more i can sweep happily and at breakneck speed , my speed picking has also improved. all from one change. and now the old way of picking feels horrible

anyone else make a major change to their playing late in the game?
I changed from holding my pick with two fingers to just using one. It made a difference to my picking speed and accuracy.