The only reason I'm selling my Brand new Speaker Cab is because I need some more ca$h so I can get a Custom Shop Axe made

My name is Bradley Brunette, I live in North Bay Ontario & I'm selling my Brand new Randall RS412XLX 4x12 Speaker Cabinet, its loaded with two Celestion G12T-75's & two Celestion Vintage 30's, it truly has been barely used. After tax I paid $1038 Canadian for it Brand new 5 months ago (back when the Canadian dollar was doing well)

I'm willing to sell it for $685 American (aka $845 Canadian) no less, its in Mint Condition...

This Speaker Cabinet is one of best Speaker Cabinets I've ever used, I mean it, it sounds amazing, it really is to bad that I have to sell it...

It also includes the new "Randall" MIC ELIMINATOR

All XL Series cabinets are equipped with stereo 8 Ohm or 4/16 Ohm mono inputs and The Mic Eliminator XLR stereo/mono direct outs. Each direct out includes 3-way voicing switch and ground lift!
Voicing options: Normal, Dark or Bright...

This Cabinet is a great match for any Amp...

E-mail me if you are interested----> brad_brunette@hotmail.com

(Sorry no trades)



Ohh yeah
Price drop: $637 American (aka $800 Canadian) no less, its in Mint Condition...
Ohh yeah

Price Drop!!!!!!

At $683 Canadian (aka $562 American) this is a steal of a deal for a Randall XL-X Cab considering it happends to be worth $1000! I don't understand why no one seems to be interested?!

This Cab truly is as good as any Brand new RS412XLX Cab, its mint!
Ohh yeah
man i would really like to have this, but would u ship it? I live in New Jersey, US