Hey so i figured out that i cant use my DI box to reamp guitar, so i know ill have to get a reamp box. But to record the take the first time, i can use my DI box, is that right?
I have a JDI jensen direct box, and so tell me if this is right: I plug my guitar into the "Input" 1/4" of the DI, the "Thru" 1/4" can go out to the Mesa cab and be miced and recorded, and then the XLR "Balanced Output" go's into the Digi002 as the DI track to be later reamped using a reamp box. Is that right?

Then once i get the reamp box, which output do i use when sending the DI signal guitar from the Digi002 into the reamp box, and then into the mesa? or, what is the procedure for that?

Thanks everyone
You could assign your clean signal guitar track outputs to be one of the 002s analog outs, eg 7-8, and then just plug a jack from there into straight into your amp. No reason that wouldnt work
ya, i just tried that, and it worked... but there was a CRAZY amount of hiss and hum.
I tried it both guitar just straight in; no hum. Then straight from the Digi002, HUMMMMMMMMM.... poop... so is that why i need the reamp box? So i can get a clean signal?
Check my signature for the exact details. And you may want to try Radial's ProRMP...it's the most affordable reamper and it's by a high quality brand.

As for the output for your Digi, it's whatever the reamp box is connected to (line level). It is for that clean signal. The reason for the noise is not only is the DI box not meant to work that way, but the signals way too hot for the mic level it's expecting.
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