Well, I've been wanting something like the GT-10/8/whatever other multieffect processor for awhile, and I've seen quite a few people recording on their computers with it. That got me thinking, I have a pretty decent speaker system on my computer, so could I just use them for personal use? Granted, for playing outside of just my little room I'd need something bigger/better, but for just myself, if instead of getting an expensive amp + pedals/etc., could I get a GT-10 and use my computer with its speakers? Would that even work? Has anyone else done this? Is there any sacrifice in sound quality?
that will work fine, the gt-8 and the gt-10 have both pre-amp options, that meaning that you will get professional sound
you'll be able to the use the GT-10 to stream audio to your computer and out your computer speaker's, so yea it will work... and also you can record direct to REAPER or any audio recording software, so it really is a good thing to have.

I have a Korg Px5D and the sound qaulity is a little less "fuller?" through my two little speaker's than my guitar amp, but that is to be expected since my speaker's only have like 2 inch speaker's compared to the 10" on my amp.
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Audacity, you must download it.
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Yeah, I have a decent subwoofer though, and without it music in generally doesn't sound as "full" like you put it. Hopefully there aren't any pitfalls with this mad scheme that I'm overlooking.

[EDIT]Audacity is awesome.
Audacity is really bad imo.

Reaper destroys it in every single conceivable way and is free as well.
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