I have an old epiphone LP special, and I'm thinking of taking the 3 way switch out and putting it in my Ibanez with my ZW pickups. Thing is, the instructions say to use a stock gibson 3-way switch.

My question is: Will an epiphone 3way switch work as well as a gibson? They are a LITTLE different...

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The Epiphone one will work the same as the Gibson. The Gibson switch is better quality and should last longer but the Epiphone switch will work for now.

Yeah... won't impact tone, but the Switchcraft Gibson switches will last longer and be quieter.
i had my epi switch completely die on me, so that's something to be aware of, and i've heard that it's a common issue. i recommend the gibson switch. it's far more durable and it even feels better
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The regular Gibson switches are pretty bad too. The Switchcraft ones are marginally better, but overall, it's a very poor switch design and is very prone to shorting if you're not good with a soldering iron.

But to answer your question, both will work fine.
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true that, switchcraft switches: the the win.
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