Hey guys, I have been playing for about 14 years now. NOT lead "rythm". I just started on my long lesson on playing lead. I may say it is all coming very easy being that I have such experience already. (bending, pull offs, palm mute, pretty much all the essentials). I have just memorized the major and minor pentatonic scales. I play mostly classic rock and blues with maybe a country song here and there.

The problem I have is I need to learn some of the most universal and used licks in this genre of music. I would like to add some very fast runs while moving from box to box. Right now I would be happy with about any lick that can thown my way.

You ask, well why not just get on youtube or simply sort through all the posts here. Well, most of the posts here are in tab form! I have no idea what they will or should sound like when mastered. As for youtube, well I am one of those poor poor unfortunate souls who is still forced to use dial up. Yessssssss I live in the sticks. LOL
It seems that 90% of my time is used to find material and the other 10 to learn it. I can and do learn very fast and practice about seven hours a day so I move it on. I just need a good source for material.

I would really be very thankful if someone would maybe post up some links and or shoot me some material that may push my learning along.

I find it very hard to believe you've being playing for 14 years and just 'rythm'. Which, is actually spelt 'rhythm'.

We can only show you through tabs... so how is that different to the tab forum?
www.freelicks.net has some nice sections for lead guitar, solo's with tabs and video's. Backing tracks and Kristofer Dahl You can even buy his Speed, tone and theory dvd for some good tips and tricks for solooing :]
It all actually depends if you want to spend money; Here's a terrific lead- lesson package for 40 dollars. Might be reconsiderable; http://www.shredacademy.com/Shop/gmlgt_v7p2.htm?hop=gtips101
Hmmmmmmmmm well sorry I spelled rythm incorrectly. I not to worried if it is hard to believe or not it's true. I should know it's ME. I started playing when I was 13 or 14 I am now 28! I have only played rythm for my band for a VERY long time. Again you will prob ask well what about your lead player would he not show you some things. The long answer NO the short answer-- I have picked up a thing or two. Where I come from the country music capital of the US people pay lots of money for these lessons and guitarists don't want another picker trying to muscle in on the goods. It is very comptitive here with alot of GREAT guitarists here in town. You just can't get peeps to show you anything without $!

To your second reply, " how would it differ from the tab archive" Wellllllllll I would hope maybe someone would have a sound clip or mp3 to go with there tab. Maybe someone may know of a great Youtube video or link to a webpage with just that. Remember I said I had dial up one of the most ipmportant reason I felt the urge to start this thread asking for help.

If someone has already been there and know it or saved the info, they may pass it on to me.
Sorry for the defence but you did imply I was fibbing and pointed out my bad grammer which should not be a factor in your intrest to help me. Again I do appologise for the defence! I hope no one person on here takes me for a jerk. I am simply asking for a few licks and some sound clips.
I'm sorry if you've heard this before but magazines are great in giving you commonly used licks.

There's also a book that I've been meaning to get called "Sheets of Sound" (like Coltrane) but is a guitar book filled with licks spanning genres. There are also books like the "Licktionary"

I recommend looking into it. Hope it helps!
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Hey kryptnet man you are the best. You answered my prob exactly. I got the lictionary and man it is UNBELIEVABLE has tons of licks to keep me busy. For most licks it gives you an audio of the same lick in different styles and speeds. Truly cool! I hope you have this little gem it's great. I am so glad you took the time to nicely and sincelrely answer my question! I sat up till like 3:00 in the morning practicing a couple of these already.

Thanks to Jooeeey for trying to help also!
hehe sure going to check out this lictionary too :] might be helpfull 2