Hello all.

Here's me: I've been playing for 2yrs now. I started with a cheap ibanez n 15wamp. Then in my the start of my second year I got a epi lp. I love it. And then eventually my 75w line 6.

I've sang since I can remember. I have a great ear and can match a note very well if its within my range. I had always wanted to play guitar. I loved the sounds of picking, and soloing. They were easy for me to hear since I have been used to single note music.....unlike chords. So when I started I had the ability to learn a beginner song by ear accurately.

About the time I got the LP my solo ability took off. I have now learned the pentatonic across the neck...in all keys of course. I have almost learned the major, and will continue to the harmonic and melodic minors after that.

Just wanted to say hello and let you know me.

Happy Jamming
this might be better in the new members forum, but welcome nonetheless
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Well it's definatley the best forum imo to introduce urself HAR HAR Welcome, and feel free to ask any questions.

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