At the moment I have a Jazz bass (Sq Active V) but as usual I've got it and now I want something else. Whats the the closest I can get to a Precision punk/metal tone with an active Jazz? (I also have a multi effect pedal with and equaliser.)
do you mean setting wise? or pedals? pickups? what?
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So basically your gonna get try to get a punchy tone out of it? If I think right try this:

Treble - around 4/5 o'clock
Mids - 1/2 o'clock
Bass - 10/11 o'clock

Adjust the in between frequencies to how it gives you the better sound! And with the stuff up here, I'm not sure what it will be like but whenever I go for a punchy sound I aim for boosted highs and slightly scooped lows!

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ug, an active bass will hurt the mid range even more.

Boost your mids, max the neck pup and roll the bridge pup down a bit. Add/reduce highs and lows to taste (probably cutting lows a bit to reduce thump on that neck pup).

Nothing wrong with your bass, but as versitile as it is, it isn't going to sound that close to a p-bass.