I played one of these today, kindof a blue/grey with very extreme binding (Almost tropical looking!), and I was SURE there was a battery compartment in the back of the bass. BUT, the Ibanez site and anything else I find on the net says its a passive bass.

Anyone know anything about it?
I think I tried one, has it got a flame maple top and a dull blue, grey finish and a strange binding all over that's like pearloid? Like this:

I'm thinking but the pickups could be passive and the electronics active! It would answer your question about the battery compartment 'cause I noticed one when I tried it. Didn't think much of the bass though, was a little thin on the neck (thinner than my GSR neck) and I didn't like the almost 'scoop' shaped thing on the headstock to neck join.

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That's it. I found it had a decent oomph to it, and the action was low...just something I happened to pick up. I don't like dual humbuckers though, it seems like overkill to me. I don't even like dual hum equipped stingrays!~
I'm just asuming that there no pickguard to hide the routing, so it's all done in the back. You have to put the pots somewhere...