I can fly,
This isn’t happening,
Now im drifting,
I rest in peace,

There’s no point in guessing,
The future,
Manifest the infestations,
Get your tuppence in quick,

I can fly,
Why am I here?

Float though the curtains,
I’m away,
Away and gone,
I’m having the time of my life,

My bubble is floating through the stratosphere,
All alone – in perfect harmony,
With itself,
Who knows?
I’m away,

Feckless theories that don’t even matter,
Living in the past is so passé,
Come on,
I’m not serious,
Lighten up,
Its just how the cookie crumbles,

That’s it
I’m away,
I can fly,
I can fly,
Run away,
I’m away,
Get out while you can
I’m away,

Quote by Victor Wooten
Frontbassman, You Win!
Also, Sig this or die!

^Yea you read right, Victor Wooten just gave me a complement.

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dude, in flames sucks.
all their music sounds the same

^ he listens to dragonforce