hi all! have any of you heard of or seen a johnson guitar? it says est.1993 on the headstock and has johnson emg pickups (says that on them) i think its a js800 model and iv been told thier better than squiers and alot cheaper so...any one here heard of these?? thanks. (oh btw! i dont have any pictures or photos before you ask)
Yea, the place where I take lessons (called Johnson's Music) sells them.
I've never had the chance to try them out, but my teacher played a Johnson Tele and it sounded pretty good.
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I have one and its not bad but I have had a lot of problems with mine.The tuning pegs rattle, the output jack is all messed up , and the finish is very very easy to scratch.But they dont sound all that bad.Maybe a good guitar for a beginner or a less experienced player.I have got one if you want to offer me a deal or trade.
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