Eloquence and marvelous marriage,
Stay quiet, sit still,
The embarrassment of sociability,
It makes me ill.
A façade that could charm,
The knickers off a doll,
The fake plastic people,
Exchanging pleasantries,
Canopies arrive on a silver platter,
Whitisisms don’t really matter,
Open your wallet,
They’ll judge you then,
They talk and talk of their,
Time share,
And their mish mash,
Of Red Indian trash,
Patronising snipes,
And filial understanding,
“Back to the manor”
Two-faced replies to,
Pointless trivial questions,
It doesn’t even matter,
Take me away on that platter.

Obviously haven't read the rules, this is your second thread today, only allowed to post one per day, two per six days.

I'm not sure if it counts once another thread has been closed so I apologise if this thread is allowed now, it's up to the mods to decide though. Anyway take a look at the rules, will help you out alot in this forum pal =]


To the poster below, it's against the rules to post in a thread after it's been repirted, just to let you know.
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