Hi all,

I'm a big fan of 80s New Wave band Ultravox, and I'm just wondering what guitar lead singer/guitarist Midge Ure uses. Here's a pic courtesy of YouTube:

I've not been able to ID the guitar myself. From the headstock design, I'd say it's an Ibanez; latest it can be is 1984.
Thing is, I've never seen a guitar that's totally grey; I've looked into some old Ibanez catalogues and they don't have any guitars like that.
I think it could be an Ibanez RoadStar with a custom paintjob, but have no idea what model. It's got HH pickups and a vintage trem.

Any ideas anyone? Thanks,

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It's one of the Ibanez Roadstar guitars.
One with HH pickups obviously and it must be a custom job on the paint.

EDIT: It's an Ibanez Roadstar II RS225
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