Ive got a couple Questions bout amp wattage etc...

I'm looking at getting a new amp, but theres as few things i dont get, mainly to do with prices for certain wattage and also the power...
for example how a 22 watt 65 fender deluxe reverb can be more expensive than a Hot Rod Deville 410 (60watts i think)
ive played a HRD alot, borrowed my uncles for a couple months, but if i were to get a deluxe reverb, which in my opinion is a better sounding amp, am i really missing out on that much power? i play gigs, nothin major but to big enough crowds, can the Deluxe Reverb cope with gigging, or is it a more of a recording amp...

Basically is the Deluxe Reverb loud enough??

Thanks in advance
I thought the Deluxe Reverb was 40 watts? EDIT: no you're right. However, it should be loud enough for small gigs.

To answer your question about how it could be more expensive that the Hot Rod: the price isn't only in the wattage. There a lot of other things that make the price as it is, for example a 120-watt (tube) Bugera combo is cheaper as a Mesa 5:25 watts head, which is two times the price of the Bugera. It's also building quality, features, quality check, the country were it's produced and the parts that make part of the price. Not only how many watts the amp has.
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prices for amps are not based on amp wattage. i bought my tiny terror with a cab and it cost me more than it would to buy a crappy half-stack. the difference is sound quality, get the amp that sounds good to YOU. most gigs will have a PA system, so its good. my orange tiny terror on 7watts was loud enough to play a gig at my school, so you'll be fine.
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Thanks guys, yea i didnt mean it to come out like the more watts the more $$$$... i was more talking bout quality aswell...
I'm goin into a store to play the Deluxe Reverb on saturday, so hopefully i'l get my final answers then

What kind of music do you play if I may ask? 'Cause the 65 Deluxe Reverb is a very clean, typical Fender amp if I'm not mistaken. I thought I'd say that.

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Blues mainly....
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