I made it in Riffworks, and it mixed it weird, so the volume fluctuates ever so slightly and it's kinda quiet. And I know my guitar tone is very shrill and "buzzy". I apologize.

Rate and comment, or whatever.
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this is really nice. 1.20-something and 2.40 might want to be a little filled up, though, the only-rhythm-guitar feels kind of empty, seeing the gap between the solos is pretty long. Everything else is good except, yeah, the buzzy recording.
Thank you.

I'm going to write lyrics and expand the song later, so lyrics were meant to go in those spaces. The name probably won't stick either. I just needed a good metal-sounding song name on the spot, lol.

I'm trying to find a less high-end prominent tone so it won't sound as bad when I re-do it.

Thanks for the crit!
~don't finkdinkle when ur supposed to be dimpdickin~