PAWN SHOP <-------I know

Im not advertising anything here. I have these two gigantic ass speakers Im trying to get rid of and I dont know where to take them. I want cash. Mother called the nearest pawn shop and asked (after I pleaded that she ask if they are pawning items that day)
if they want two gigantic asss speakers, and they said no. That was last week on Saturday. No that my little brother is in juvy Im trying again today. I would ebay them but that requires boxes and money which I have none hence pawning items. Are pawn shops the only places that take things or is there somewhere else I can go.
Just make some photocopys on a piece of paper saying "BIG ASS SPEAKERS FOR SALE" and then put the price and your phone number and just stick them up over town.

Someone is bound to want them.
What the hell does your little brother in juvy have to do with anything?
And most locally owned guitar shops will buy things off you.
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You can still sell it on ebay, just do local pick-up, or you can go to Craigslist.org and select your city, and list them for free *and its all local*
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craigslist, just expect a lot of emails like:

I are big biznis man in kaliforna and I wud leik my assosite to pik up fer me. I give 8x what offer for immeedite remoovil and a bonus if deliver promptlie. I shall pay with veryfry'd bank knowt, who does I make out two?"

"I'll give ya a buck fifty for them"
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