ok so recently i have been questioning if i can really,really appreciate music when i listen and thought "what are they talking about?will i be able to like this music more if i understand?" the answer folks is dont ask questions like this fool writing this now just listen and enjoy! when you ask these questions the magic goes. and i have no feelings when i listen its as if music is saying to me "happy now,goodbye im leaving you"i was heartbroken when the magical feeling went and ever since a couple of days ago i have felt apathetic towards music,i dont know if this is to do with me asking those questions but i just wrote that as a possibility iv heard music taste for teenagers(im 17 btw)changes fast for some reason.But i really,really dont want my tastes to change or stop liking music i suppose at least now i can appreciate even more if and when it does come back,speaking of that How can i enjoy it again please help i have noone else to ask! what do i do?
You could try listening to genres radically different to what you listen to now and see it you can rekindle the flame. You shouldn't be afraid of your musical tastes changing really.

Oh and for the record, I find that understanding the meaning and message behind a song it does become much more interesting and meaningful. Without understanding the music aren't you just listening to noise?
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Forget music, work on your English. Jesus Christ.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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