So, yeah, I've been considering getting what I can for my Bugera 4x12 and getting two better quality 2x12s for both the upgrade (?) in sound quality and making transport a little easier. The way I see it, I can take my 333XL head and just one of the 2x12s to practice and bring the second 2x12 along for gigs, rather than having to lug the huge 4x12 everywhere. Plus, I figure, why not take this opportunity to get a couple of good quality 2x12s instead of one lame-ish 4x12.

My questions are these, though: What are some good, but not ridiculously expensive 2x12s, and how will using two 2x12s sound verses one 4x12?
+1 to Avatar. relatively cheap, choice of speakers, customizable, quality build. DO IT!
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Avatar makes decent cabs for the price, as does Lopoline, which I prefer over them.

You could also try for a Genz Benz G-Flex 2x12, I have one and it sounds huge.

Either way, by selling the Bugera 4x12, you're not going to get enough money to buy any of these 2x12s. What is your full budget?
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