I have wanted to become a Vegetarian since I was nine and now I'm eighteen. I have been not eating meat for the several days and just eating side dishes or saying I'm not hungry and just went and ate some trail mix. I'm doing all I can though to get the nutrients I need so that's not really a problem. I have been hiding it and I have no idea how to tell my parents. I live with hunters so it's would be weird. Has anyone else had this dilemma and how did you break it to your parents?
Just came out with it. My parents used to be hippies though so they took it pretty well.

Explain it's because you don't feel comfortable with it, stay rational and as mature as you can, because EVERYONE who tells people they are vegetarian gets accused of being a fad or doing it because it's trendy. You just have to try your best not to get into an arguement about it and stay mature/on higher grounds.
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just tell them. it's not like you're gay.

No, it's much worse because every vegetarian is following a trend.

Why do you want to be vegaterian btw?
I've been vegetarian since I was like 5

I don't eat meat because I just don't like it, though. I don't like eating skanky dead stuff. Ick. Not because I think it's cruel or anything like that. Just plain don't like it.

Just tell your parents. You don't have to get all "omgz u r eatin teh poor ickle animalz" and piss them off, just say you don't really want to eat meat anymore.
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you just go, i want o be a vegitatrian. and cudos ive been one for 3 years myself, and a word from a fellow vegitarian, vegi corn dogs suuuuuuuuc
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Yeah, it's no big deal. I became a vegetarian at nine, and now I'm a Vegan. And I'm 15 so...
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I've been vegetarian since I was like 5

I don't eat meat because I just don't like it, though. I don't like eating skanky dead stuff. Ick. Not because I think it's cruel or anything like that. Just plain don't like it...

That's NOT what she said!
ive been a vegetarian since i was about 5 or 6 and now im 14 i just stopped eating it and said i dont want to.. its not as if they can force feed you
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I've been trying to switch to veggie for a while now as well. Its been three weeks now I think...
As for telling your parents... Man up and just tell them.
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I could never go without meat. Also, not to be a dick, but if you're doing it because you're an animal rights person...gay.
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No I'm not. I also can hate when people are like "Well my favorite band is a vegan so I should be".

How great would it be if Nirvana fans thought with this logic.

"My favorite bands singer killed himself, so....*bang*"
So what you're trying to say is.... they've been continuing cooking meat and you've been refusing it.... and thus wasting it? I'm sorry but that's kind of worse.... tell them before you waste any more please.
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*Shrug* Just tell em if you feel that strongly about it. Better then wasting food and making them wonder if you're sick because you're not eating normally.

Just make sure you do it slowly and find an alternate source of protien or you'll make yourself feel like total garbage. When you take a staple food out of your diet suddenly your body tends to react badly to the shock of a sudden decrease in nutrients. If you have the option try talking to a dietician of some sort.
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They still eat them as leftovers so it's not really wasting them, I almost said to my mom "What are your ideas on Vegetarianism?", and see where it went after that. The think I love meat to that bad they might just say I'm doing it as a fad or something. I know no one around that is a vegetarian even in my school to talk to.
Go up to your father, look him sternly in the eyes and say "soylent green is people!"

Then slap him with a tuna and eat broccoli over his passed out body.
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