I play bass and this guy is my idol. He plays straight from the heart and is so into the music he looks almost high or something while he's playing. Check it out right here:


Care to share your thoughts on Victor Wooten?
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Victor Wooten is an amazing bassist, I would love to see him live. I don't even play bass and I think he's amazing. Check out his guitar battle with his brother, its pretty sweet.
I think most bass players know Victor.
And many non bass players (like me) too.
He's original. He devised his own technique of playing in a fairly simple way. His technique takes a good time to master though.
He's a good musician, though I do think he sometimes overdoes it with the amount of notes
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It pisses me off when people say Vic is nothing but showing off. That seems to pop up in every thread on him.
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i like his sense of fashion. and he's a pretty sick bassist.
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I can't listen to his solo work, it's too over the top and flashy. His Flecktones stuff is great though, oh and this really isn't jazz.

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yeah i don't get the whole "VERY FAST SLAP!!" thing....he's an excellent bass player....but bass isn't the lead instrument! It's the bass goddammit! I do agree with srvflood about his flecktones stuff though.
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His solo work bores me. It's the bass equivalent of shred music. I like my music to have more than just technical skill.
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Vic overdoes it sometimes but he is still a pretty good bassist. his work with the flecktones rocks. well that whole band rocks!! i just got Little Worlds a few days ago needless to say i've been listening to it a lot.
There was a thread on him a while and we came to a unanimous decision that he uses songs as vechile for techniques and plays too much. That's not to say that he isn't a good bass player, he's obviously very talented.