Hey guys, i was planning on taking a simple Squier Telecaster Deluxe taking out the pickups and puting in Fender Wide Range pickups like on the actual T-caster deluxes. And possibly replaceing the neck with an actual Tele deluxe neck .... is this a good idea?
has any one actually played a squier telecaster deluxe???
yea thats faesable, the squier necks are actually pretty good, they get an unnecesarrily bad rep, they do play very well, just the pickups, tuners, and bridge are naff.

the nice squiers generally are better than the fender mexico's, they play better just have cheaper electronics/hardware

some fender wide rangers/new pots and new tuners and new bridge and that thing will be a beast!
Wide Ranges sound slightly different to normal humbuckers. They mount differently and are slightly bigger. It would be easier to replace them with normal humbuckers.
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would i need a router to place them into the body???

No need, GFS makes some pickups. Look them up at guitarfetish.com
They will fit. They are low cost but really good quality.