The vocals?
at :42 "proud as" is Bb to Db, the distance of a minor 3rd
At :44-45 "purpose" it's Eb > A >Ab with the A as a passing tone. Eb to A is a tritone, or diminshed 5th and Eb to Ab is a perfect 5th.

You probably meant the guitar though.
Like the power chord changes or the individual note changes?

EDIT: if you meant the power chords, it seems to be a perfect 5th as the big leap. where it goes from the higher chord to the lower chugs.
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Then I don't know. The run of notes seems fairly linear in how it moves. I THINK it goes down some sort of 2nd twice (I.E. A>G>F) and then jumps a perfect 4th or 5th above that last note and repeats. I can hear a lot of dissonances and chromatics in there, and i don't have perfect pitch, and it's quite fast so i really don't know. Check tabs for it?