Poll: What colour Mustang?
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Olympic White
23 55%
Daphne Blue
8 19%
Dakota Red
11 26%
Voters: 42.
Okay, I'll be buying a Fender Mustang quite soon but I can't decide on what colour it should be. I've tried one out at my local music store and I love it but it's £200 more than what I'd have to pay for one online. Plus, they only have it in one colour.

So, what do you guys think?

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White is the shiz.

But why do you care anyway? Pick the colour YOU like the best.

That's the thing, I like all the colours Sadly, I can only afford to buy one.
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Do what my mate done. Paint it bright yellow

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but i'd replace the pickguard with a black one

i hate tortoiseshell
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the white one just change the pickguard to an black one.
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they all look horrible because mustangs are ugly..white though
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white looks best of those by far imo
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Dakota Red definately. Just swap out the pickguard for either a plain white or black one.
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White w/ a pearloid pickgaurd. tortoise shell sucks.
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