ok so ive been playing for about 3 years. and others say im pretty good. i like to improv jam. i like to play funk, slap, rock, ska, reggae, and anything with interesting bass parts.

i want to get a stingray. but thats pretty expensive. my bday is dec 16, and christmas is the 25th. i asked my parents for a stingray for a combined present for my bday and christmas and id help pay some too. but they think its a waste.

what other good similar basses are out there for a good price?
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Prolly pick a Musicman SUB for much less than the regular Stingray. It feels relatively the same, sounds relatively the same. I suppose it's not too big of a "waste".

Don't make them anymore, so your probably going to have to do some searching on e-bay and craigslist.
mid/top of the range yamaha? the entry level is one of the best basses i've played so i'm assuming that trend continues throughout the spectrum of basses
i've got a sub. love it to death. that said, the stingrays sound and look a little better, but you can change the pickup and preamp out down the line. downside is that they don't make them anymore, so you'd have to get it used.
beg for a stingray some more. you might have luck finding a used one for a few hundred less.

^top of the line yamahas are about 3 grand, dude. but even the mid-priced ones are good for the money.
Ibanez ATK, the triple coil pickup can get almost any tone you want including a stingray like tone
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ATK is a good choice, but also look at Ibanez's Soundgears and, listen here, Ergodynes. Soundgears are spoken of enough, I won't waste your time describing them more.

You might not be too terribly familiar with Ergodynes though. They have an amazingly versatile sound, feel great to play. The active pickups give it a sound that's full and present, especially played through the right amp (can we say GK?). You can roll the tone anywhere from warm thud to hot growl, and that's without touching the pickup controls and bass boost. My EDB has served me very well through a good few years of playing music that's similar to what you've described.

Not sure how common they are in music stores, but if you can get your hands on one, definitely give it a go. Along with the SDGR and ATK if you can.

...I love Ibanez, what can I say.
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the ibanez ones are nice enough. but if you're looking at a stingray, you might find the ibanez neck a little thin for your taste. their 6 strings feel perfect, though.