yeah. i'm not particularly wild about all that chambering. i mean, if they wanted to do a model or two like that so people weren't forced to carry around an overly heavy guitar, that'd be fine. but it seems like they're doing this to all their high end models so a guy like me, who wants the tone you get from having a big, heavy chunk of wood has to buy a used older model.
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This is why my Edwards > Gibson
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This is why my Gibson non-chambered to so ****ing long to find.

Les Pauls are all about the feel and weight, rubbish of Gibson to take away some of that mojo.
It looks like a swimming pool in the shape of a handicap sign...

How recently has Gibson been chambering so extensively? I thought it was minimal in the studio models, nothing to this extent at least.
They sound good. They don't sound anything like a hollowbody, they sound like a LP. Gibson also makes the Traditional which has no chambering at all.

Use your ears, not your eyes. Who cares if they're chambered if they sound good?
That is completely ridiculous.

What all guitars do they do that to?
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why didnt you just play like crap?
if you need help with that, ask Vincent745

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Awe, so cute...

How old are you?

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Old enough to yell rape.
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Look, it's filled with drummer brains!

Sorry, I had to.

haha. zing!

I haven't played one of the chambered ones; I'd be interested to see how it effects the tone.
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I've played a couple a while back they sound the same as a non weight relived models but without the weight.
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