im sure a noise gate helps a lot
lot of practice to get it clean too
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^ +1

playing it properly surely helps. although you probably don't really need a noise gate, decent pickups would probably help.
He has almost PERFECT legato technique. A lot of guys can play fast, but very few can do runs like that cleanly.

Romeo, Vai, and Ritchie Kotzen are masters at this.

Look up some Kotzen vid lessons on youtube.
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im sure a noise gate helps a lot

Noise gates don't cut open string noise at all.

The secret behind his clean playing is in his picking hand; he's always muting the unplayed strings with various parts of his hand.
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I like how the "slow" version still has a couple insanely fast flurries.
If you want to see Legato at it's finest, you need look no further than Allan Holdsworth.
yeah Allan Holdsworth has some scary legato chops. Satch has some scary clean legato chops also. I would say the man with the cleanest legato is Vai....yeah I know Satch and Vai..how cliche...but sometimes I am baffled at how he manages to cleanly play runs with his right arm waving about in the air and his left hand just cleanly flying all over the neck. Shawn Lane also was a man of scary legato even though people mostly talk about his picking.
More practice than most people are willing to put in is how he does it. Romeo is insane

you don't have to turn your distortion down. In fact, turning it up along with your mids will point out your mistakes even more, and if you get it clean with with that, THEN turn your gain down and keep the mids, make sure to keep it clean, then set your EQ as you normally would and do it.

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its just a simple muting of the string with you hand, its not very hard.
Once you learn how to do it.