Ok so ive been trying to play Back In Black by AC/DC. There is a bit in the main riff which im finding abit fiddly. I need to do a few pull offs and a bend. When i pull off, there is a note ringing but it is very faint. I don't really understand how to do a pulloff because i must be doing it wrong.
Try doing your pull-offs by actually pulling your finger downward across the string and then off. This way it is like repicking it with your fret hand and you won't have to rely so much on an initial strong pick attack, especially if you are doing a series of pull-offs and hammer-ons on the same string.
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I know the part you're referring to. It's the pull offs on the E and B string from the 3rd fret to open, right? When you play the 3rd fret, you cant just take your finger off the string, or the sound will be too faint. You have to kind of snap your finger off the string so it makes a sound, if that makes sense.
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