Hey I'm new to ultimate guitar and I'm really into the whole writing scene, whether it be lyrics or guitar songs. Anyway I just jotted this down yesterday and I kind of like it, I was hoping to get an opnion on it.

'Cause your the last thing that I think of as I'm falling asleep
And the first thing on my mind when my alarm clock rings
Don't ever get behind, just keep your head held high
'Cause the weekdays are just a break between our Friday nights

I'll take you out,
But remember to forget our maps/
And we'll head down,
This overgrown forgot about path/

Let's spend some time,
With stress left behind our backs/
Imagine what we'll find,
With our eyes clear of yesterday's past/

'Cause I see you gripping, but your slipping
Your life is choking you to death/
So my friend just listen, and forget them
And slowly take three deep breaths/

And you remember, we were meant for
More than corporate success/
'Cause our true meaning, is the feeling
Of my heart be against your chest

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